Thursday, 27 August 2015

Term time already?!


So the holidays are almost over and soon it'll be time for some of our lovely customers to go back to college or Uni. Have you stocked up ready?
We all know the cheapest way of feeding ourselves through the terms is to buy big and share the costs.
Take a look at our wholesale & catering sections! 
We sell 40 packets of Indomie instant noodles starting at £10.50, 10kg of Silk Road Thai Broken Rice at £9.99 and our bestselling Mayflower Medium Curry Sauce Mix (12 Boxes) at £13.95. That's just to get you started!
There is so much more including extra large tubs of spices, seasonings, sauces & dry produce.

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

They're back!!

Some times you just don't need any words!....

For those of you who are new to eastern and oriental foods these delicious treats above are mooncakes. They tend to be eaten during the Mid-Autumn/ Mooncake Festival which takes place this year on September 27th. These cakes are traditional Chinese pastries with a sweet dense filling.
The festival typically involves family getting together, sharing the mooncakes whilst watching/worshipping the moon. Chinese people believe that a full moon represents peace & prosperity.
Nowadays people present mooncakes to relatives to show they wish them a long and happy life.

We sell mooncakes individually at £3.95 or £13.95 for 4 in a tin.
Flavours includes, Red Bean Paste, White Lotus Seed Paste, Durian Paste and new this year Five Nuts Paste. These lovely pastries fly out so dont hang about! Enjoy :)

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Practically giving it away!

Morning All,

We have a lovely Nissin noodles promotion for you today. Almost all our Nissin instant noodle packets are on offer including our bestsellers!
Single packets are now 35p
Box of 30 packets are now £9.95
This is for a limited time only and whilst stock lasts.
Take a look at the website for all the different flavours and happy shopping! :)

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Have you had your 5 a day?...

Morning All, 

Our fresh fruit and vegetables have arrived in store this morning and this includes the ever popular Durian. Pop to the shop and pick up your produce at its freshest. 
Any online orders for fruit and veg will be processed as soon as the deliveries arrive, usually Wednesday & Thursday and sent to you on a next day service so you receive your order in peak condition. 

Take a look at the website for our full range.

Happy Viewing!

Thursday, 25 June 2015


Morning All,

We just had to share this with you! We have beautiful handmade tagines in this week. Each tagine is hand crafted by our Egypt based artisan, Eid Ibrahim. On all of his pieces you will find his signature.
With these items being handmade each one will differ ever so slightly making them unique to you. They are absolutely stunning pieces of cookware!

They can be used for cooking or serving , suitable for oven use or on the hob with a heat diffuser and best of all they are Dishwasher safe!
Available in 3 colours priced at £40, there should be a colour and design to suit you all. Take a look at the website for all colours, dimension and weight info. 
Available in store and online!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Unforgettable Meals

Morning All ,

As summer is upon us and everyone is getting ready for their holidays I was wondering has there been a truly memorable dish you ate on your travels that you just cant forget.
Maybe a beautiful Malaysian Laksa, a Vietnamese Pho, a mouthwatering Pad Thai?
We stock ingredients from all of these countries and many more including The Philippines, Korea, Japan, even the Caribbean!
Why not try and recreate that meal in the comfort of your home? Lets get cooking! 
Please send us your photos! We would love to see them!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Summer Dining

Morning All,

Is it just me or does food always seem to taste more delicious when it is served from beautiful plates & bowls?! I've noticed lots of cobalt blue crockery in magazines recently which really do embrace the summer mood. We currently sell some gorgeous bowls at just £6.95 each. Check out these beauties!

Stunning aren't they?! Imagine the tasty vibrant meals you could be eating out of these whilst sat in glorious sunshine in the garden....

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Fancy a bargain?

Morning all,

Hope you all had a super bank holiday, did you cook up any feasts for family & friends?

So it appears that you guys are loving the KTC 100% Pure Coconut Oil that we stock, it always sells well but it is flying off the shelves at the moment and to be fair I'm not surprised!

For only £2.65 for 500ml it is a bargain and has so many uses. This oil can be used for cooking but did you know it can also be used as a skin moisturiser and as hair conditioner. Now you can see why its so popular!

Have you tried it yet? If so what do you like using it for?

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Happy National Vegetarian Week!

Morning All, 

Well its a dull rainy day in Scunthorpe (our base) today so I think a bit of comfort food is in order.My favourite on days like this is a Mock Duck Vegetarian Stir-fry with hoisin sauce and fluffy rice.
We stock Maple Mock Duck at £1.25 per 280g tin and that will easily serve 2 people with a decent portion of the 'meat'. I like to add lots of fresh veg like onions, peppers, pak choi & baby sweetcorn for a really delicious and filling tea that is ready in 20 minutes.
We sell other veggie meats too so why not give them a try!

What is your favourite Vegetarian dish? 

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Morning All,

We hope you've had a lovely May Bank Holiday! 

We had a nice long walk at Ladybower Reservoir in Derbyshire enjoying the scenery and sunshine!
Came home and refuelled with a delicious spicy lentil curry washed down with Grace Coconut Water ( £1.95 per 1L carton - and a squeeze of fresh lime.
What did our lovely customers do? Did any of you try our new oriental beers we mentioned last week? Let us know!

Enjoy your (short) week!

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

It’s been a while........let’s have a treat!

Morning All,

As it has been a while since we have lasted posted on here we thought we would come back with a bang and tell you that we now sell Beers & Wine!..... LETS CELEBRATE!!!

Many of you may have tried the very popular Tiger & Chang Beers but how about the Red Horse Beer from The Philippines or Bintang from Indonesia?
We sell by the case if you already have a favourite or single bottles if you would rather sample a few different ones. (Please contact us if you'd like to buy a case).
Do you have a favourite? Any others you'd like to see us sell?
Let us know. Please Drink Responsibly.

Have a great week!